The Benefits of Ziptrak Blinds



As one of Australia’s most popular blinds, Ziptrak boasts several qualities which make the brand stand out from others on the market. Thanks to their patented track guided blind systems, these designs really make life easier. If you are thinking of improving your home, here are some of the benefits that Ziptrak blinds offer over other models.


Simple and Safe to Use


Ziptrak boasts a unique track guided design. The tracks are vertically attached to the patio or veranda posts and the blind’s bar is then fixed into the grooves. After this, the blind can be simply raised and lowered without difficulty.


Thanks to their balanced design, these blinds can be opened to almost any level as well. Do you want to open up your deck completely? No problem. How about closing it halfway to block the sun while still letting the breeze in? This is also possible!


There is no fussing about with ropes, latches or ties either. Simply pull the blind up or down to the desired level and leave it there. You can even add in an optional electric motor to make opening and closing even easier.


No Gaps or Flapping


One of the dangers with standard blinds is trying to close them in high winds. Even while they are shut, gaps on the sides can cause the material to start flapping which makes noise and can put undue strain on the ropes and latches.


With Ziptrak though, there are no gaps and no way for the wind to enter. Since the edges of the blinds are hidden inside the tracks, everything is sealed up even in the highest of winds. This means you won’t need to open everything if a gale suddenly appears! Your patio or decking will be looked after even in these extreme conditions.


Protection from the Elements


The high quality material used to make Ziptrak blinds has been chosen because of its shielding qualities. Once installed, the fabric can help block out the following:


  • Heat
  • UV
  • Wind
  • Cold
  • Rain


This is the perfect solution for homeowners as it means you can still enjoy your patio or veranda regardless of the weather. In cities like Melbourne, this is especially important as conditions can change in a heartbeat.


An Eco-friendly Home Addition


Because of these protective qualities, Ziptrak blinds are also environmentally friendly. They will block out extremes of heat and cold, saving you from turning on the air-conditioner or heater. With the one initial installation cost, you’ll lower your utility bills for years on end, saving you money and protecting the planet at the same time. Even if you also choose to add the optional electric motor, this can also be solar powered to take care of Mother Nature while still making your life as convenient as possible.



All of these qualities come together to make Ziptrak one of the leading blinds on the market. There is no better solution when it comes to protecting your patio, decking or veranda in a simple, stylish and safe manner.



Reasons to Choose Blinds over Curtains - Published 04/11/2014


When decorating any interior, one of the biggest decisions to make is the type of window dressing you install. Blinds are a better choice over curtains as they have several distinct advantages for any home or business whether you are improving your living room or doing up your restaurant decor.


Better Light Control


While curtains can only be opened or closed, blinds have more versatility when it comes to adjusting the sunlight entering the room. If it is sunny outside, you can simply open your blinds a fraction to let in some of the light without warming up your interiors. By choosing blinds over curtains, you’ll gain improved climate control capabilities to keep everything well-lit and comfortable.


Increased Privacy


Blinds are also great for illuminating your interiors without letting eager eyes peer in at you from outside. If you want a household setting with plenty of privacy or you wish to create a bright yet intimate setting for your diners, blinds can be a great idea. Simply open the blinds a crack to let in the light and you’ll still hide everything from outside voyeurs and other malicious individuals.


Smaller Footprint


Since blinds are made from slats which run parallel to each other, they are more compact than curtains with their folds and ruffles. Blinds can save space in all these locations:


  • Small bedrooms
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Intimate cafes
  • Cosy restaurants


Whenever you have limited area, blinds are the perfect window dressing as they will block out the light without taking up too much space.


Simpler Maintenance


Because they’re made of wood, plastic or other durable materials, blinds are much easier to clean than curtains as there is no machine washing or dry cleaning. Instead, you can remove the dust by simply going over them with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. This means you can keep your home or business looking clean, classy and stylish without putting in a lot of work!


Diversity of Design


There is also a staggering range of blinds available. Whether you own a boutique coffee shop or a contemporary home, you can find the perfect blind by simply shopping around. Here are the more popular varieties:


  • Venetian
  • Roman
  • Pleated
  • Vertical


No matter what style of interior you have, chances are you’ll find a type of blind that is more than suitable.


More Affordable


Lastly, blinds can be more cost effective than curtains are to purchase and install. Since they are easier to clean too, they are also cheaper to maintain over the long-term. Their versatility allows you to move them from one room to another as well, meaning you can simply relocate them if you are moving to a new restaurant, cafe or home in the future.


In the end, blinds are a smarter choice whether you wish to improve your home decor or are setting up a new coffee shop. From improved light control and privacy to easier cleaning and a more compact design, the humble blind will add so much more to your property.