Quality Outdoor Awnings in Melbourne Including Cafe & More


Providing a stylish look with a practical application. To prepare your home for the summer, why not talk to us about our wide range of outdoor awnings? Made from high quality material, these exterior additions will look terrific when fitted on the outside of your Melbourne home, and will protect your interiors from the harsh summer sunshine. These fixtures come in a variety of colours, patterns and materials too, ensuring you can find something that complements your household design while providing protection from the heat.


Give your outside windows an attractive and protected feel with our quality products


Our team can offer advice about each one of our top quality awnings, helping you make a smarter decision. After taking your measurements, we will supply you with some window shades that fit perfectly. As these are made to the highest quality standards, they are also incredibly durable, designed to last for years on end despite the higher summer temperatures. We will take care of all the installation work too, ensuring that everything is securely attached while operating in an easy, unobstructed manner.


We have worked hard to supply these fantastic to Melbourne residents throughout the city and are now looking forward to improving your home as well. With our help, you can entertain friends, family and other guests throughout the year regardless of the weather. They will effectively will block out those higher summer temperatures ensuring your interiors are kept cool and comfortable at all times.


Here to help you choose the right outside awnings for your place


As a more traditional option, opt for our canvas window fittings, which look simply fantastic on any heritage and old-style homes found in Melbourne.


If you would like a more modern alternative to our classic canvas option, our range of shade mesh models will fit the bill nicely. These window fittings will look fantastic attached to the exterior of any contemporary Melbourne property, and are also great for homes with limited outdoor space as they roll up and down in an easy and simple manner. If you are interested in our shade mesh products, you can contact our staff and book a free measure and quote for your windows. We will then calculate the required dimensions and deliver some fixtures which will adequately cover the glass, protecting the interiors from any outdoor sunlight in the process. Our specialists will also install these modern alternatives onto the outside of your home, ensuring they work properly and are secured in just the right manner.


Thanks to the high quality standards of all our products, you can trust that our residential awnings are some of the best in Melbourne. Our products have been used on modern homes throughout the city, providing interior shade from the sun in summertime and allowing customers to entertain without having to use their air-conditioners. Our shade mesh models are especially popular due to their modern design, simple installation and ease-of-use.


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To find out more about these window fittings or to get a quote on any of our products including outdoor blinds plus patio doors and more, please get in touch with our team. Our quality affordable awnings come in a range of different styles and colours so you can find the perfect fit for the outside of your home. We focus on the complete trifecta; top quality products, excellent customer service and prices guaranteed to put a smile on your face.